Death Toll Skyrockets as Result of Japanese Earthquake and Resulting Tsunami


UPDATE 12:10:  The LA Times is reporting that nuclear power plant plans to release “slightly radioactive vapor!”


UPDATE 12:45: Klamath man swept out to sea by tsunamiEarth Axis shifts 10 cm.


See video footage here and photos of Shelter Cover here.

At least one dead confirmed out of Crescent City.  Three more swept out to see. Homes are damaged and roadways flooded there.  And, Japanese news services are reporting 88,000 dead or missing…88,000 souls.  (update some sources are claiming this is an error and the total is nearer to 1000.  This appears to be the current official figure) An entire passenger train is said to have been swept away.

Meanwhile Humboldt County Services are reporting;

In response to a tsunami warning issued for the coastal areas of California, the Humboldt County
Sheriffs Office has enacted VOLUNTARY evacuations for the low lying areas of Humboldt
County and recommends residents in those areas move to higher ground and inland. The
Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services is advising this is now a declared disaster. The
Turf Club at Redwood Acres has been established as the evacuation center.
PG&E has cancelled rolling outages and resumed full operations although the town of
Orick remains without power.

The first wave hit our coast at approximately 0730 hrs. in Shelter Cove with about threefoot
waves. California Highway Patrol is reporting waves just under five feet high with
confirmed damage to Crescent City/Commercial Fisheries & piers with waves still incoming and
35 boats damaged. Unusual wave actions are being seen at Woodley Island, Stone Lagoon, & the
mouth of Mad River. Wave action has washed over US101 @ Freshwater, but has since receded
with no reported damage.

This is the beginning of this tsunami event and the first waves may not be the only wave nor the
highest, and wave action may last as long as 12 hours after the first wave. DO NOT go to
“watch” the wave. Local law enforcement agencies are reporting significant drawdown in the
water level in several coastal areas. Unusual wave actions are being seen at Woodley Island,
Stone Lagoon, & the mouth of Mad River.

Listen to LOCAL TV, radio, and NOAA weather radio for further advisories and
instructions. We are also recommending residents with access to a computer go to to see if their location is within the threatened areas.
Avoid unnecessary travel if you are already within a safe area. California Highway Patrol has
closed US101 North of Orick at the 101 bypass, and south of Orick at Kane Road. Arcata Police
Department has closed westbound US255 @ `K’ St.

KHUM continues to be a wonderful resource for much of this information.  Check them out here.

And another 6.6 earthquake hits Japan.


Photo from News 10 ABC


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