Just For Fun, A Cheesy Pun


Looking for a new fun cheese to serve at your next party?  Here’s one described by the Inside Scoop:The Bay Area Source for Breaking Restaurant News:

Hanfutschli — German for “the joint” — isn’t a new cheese; it was created in 2005 by two young stoners cheesemakers Mike Glauser and Juerg Wyss. The interior paste contains hemp oil, and the outside is studded with roasted hemp seeds. Since the seeds are heated during the process, you can’t get high from them. Sorry. However, what you do get is a mild, nutty cheese, with a fun emblem (pictured).

Where can you find this cheese?  At Quince’s in San Francisco.  Who’s responsible for their cheese menu?  Why a former Humboldt County resident, of course:  Katrina Parlato. If more cheesemakers start creating artisan products that use cannabis what should we call this category of food?

Head Cheese, of course!


Photo from Inside Scoop.  Also check out these marijuana related food stories on their blog here and here.



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