Somebody Wire You $70,000 Recently?


Sold this fellow any Humboldt weed lately?  Might want to clean house. He doesn’t appear to know the words, “I have the right to remain silent. I want to speak to my attorney.” According to WTVD:

A Search warrant made public Monday says a former NC State student faces a marijuana trafficking charge in Oklahoma after a trooper stopped him with 26 pounds of marijuana in a rented minivan.

Raleigh police used the warrant to search the apartment of Robert Harrell Bass, Jr. at an apartment complex near campus.

The warrant states that Bass – a former NC State junior – told Oklahoma troopers that he wired $70,000 to Humboldt, California and then flew to the west coast with an accomplice to pick up the pot shipment.

Bass told investigators that the accomplice flew back to Raleigh after renting the minivan under a fictitious name.

Bass said he was driving the marijuana back to Raleigh.

He also told investigators he made $250,000 in the past year selling large amounts of pot around the NC State campus.

A roomate told ABC11 Monday that Bass was “taking a break” from college. A NCSU spokesperson said he is not currently enrolled.

Raleigh police searched the house on Chamberlin Street after Bass told troopers he could cover his $25,000 bail with money he had in a safe at the residence.

During the search, Raleigh police confiscated, among other things, more than $26,000 in cash, about two ounces of marijuana, paraphernalia, a computer and hard drive, and moneybags.



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