Polyamorous and Falling in Love Again

I love too many and I can’t keep up with their activities but I have to add two more wonderful local blogs.

West of the Redwoods, about the Mattole Valley, began three months ago by a local historian and is crammed with photos (the ones of paintings by Carl Sammons are especially fun.) The timeline post of the Mattole valley offers a clear understanding of basic events.  This blog is going to be the source of much mulling over the past!

Whitethorn Kid Logger Journal hasn’t been updated recently but it still is a gold mine full of information. The author was apparently writing a book and has excerpted some on the blog. Here is a piece.

“The winter rains and mud brings logging to a dead halt in Whitethorn. The Cat roads leading to the timberland turn into muddy quicksand and the loggers, log pond, the mill, the planing mill, and the cookhouse all sit idle until the rains stop and the mud dries. At this time, many of the men set their muscles to the rowdiest spells of poker, drinking and fighting.”



Links originally found on Lynette’s NorCal History Blog and pointed out to me by one of both of our readers.


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