Newcomers and Oldtimers: Humboldt Marijuana Growing from Two Perspectives

People who came here in the  Seventies and folks whose families have lived here for generations both love the Humboldt countryside and this extraordinary community.  But they see the world differently. They remember it from different perspectives.

Below the voices of Jean Heritage, who arrived almost 40 years ago when the back-to-the-land movement was beginning, and Ernie Branscomb, whose family came here in the 1800’s, carry us with them as they talk about the birth of a culture–this unique marijuana culture–which could disappear entirely.

Take a little over seven minutes, pause, and explore the roots of the Humboldt Nation as we know it today.

Jean, Ernie extended_mixdown


This was excerpted from hours and hours of interviews recorded by Lisa Morehouse and myself for a roughly eight minute piece airing tonight between 6:30 and 7 pm on The California Report on KHSU.

Hear the full series.



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  • And at what COST, I ask you Kym?

    Do you understand why I have such a loathing disgust for Ernie Branscomb? In his own words he lays out his personal hypocrisy while at the same time blaming the CAMP authorities for NOT eradicating marijuana. In his own words, they did not eradicate marijuana precisely because the business community (Branscomb) would not let them.

    In the process each and everyone of these lousy people are indelibly stained with blood -on their hands and on their souls.

    That’s the real cost of growing a few innocent plants for a little extra cash with a party thrown in for a water tank, or some other such thing to make life a little better. The ultimate price of their craven corruption.

  • Well Joe, it’s to my great joy that we see things differently. I can speak freely in public, and I say the things that I believe in. I like people, and say so. I don’t always agree with some of my best friends, and they also don’t agree with me at times, though I admit that is hard for me to fathom why they wouldn’t. I can even use my own name in my own community.

    On the other hand, you put words in my mouth that aren’t there, your mouth runs off like a woodpecker with the runs. You say that you went to school with me, I doubt that with were friends even back then, when I was young and stupid. Most all of my friends were raised to stand behind their words and put their names and honor to them. They weren’t cowards who imagined themselves to Zorro or something, to swoop out of Fantasyland slash your ridiculous “Z” on somebody chest, then run of into hiding again. I never really understood why you need to be so “anonymous”. Nobody would pay any attention to your absurd rantings even if they knew who you were.

    If you had been able to hear the whole interview you would have found that the “business people” encouraged the camp raids, saw the futility of them when they saw that the cops had no real intent to ever get rid of the weed. As business people it didn’t take long to cut losses and drop the project as foolish. But, I guess that it is hard for you to see, hear, or understand anything with your head as far up your ass as it is… Don’t sneeze, you’ll give yourself a hernia!
    Ernest Leroy Branscomb

    P.S. great snipette Kym and Lisa, and please give my best regards to Jean Heritage.

  • Kym, Guess what crawled out from under some filthy rock and blessed your website with some of his best crap. You agree with this scum and what he says about me?

    I don’t need to listen to the whole interview to know what he says the “business people” did. I know what they did. I was one of those “business people” that actually stood against that scourge. That was my point. Branscomb and his kind were and are blue-ribbon hypocrites – talking one way and doing the very opposite. Then coming along now and trying to get people to agree that he and his kind did everything altogether different. They were the pillars of the community, right? If he doesn’t want people to know the truth, then he should keep his lies and overt embellishments to himself. Like I said, they all have blood on their hands. Nothing he nor anyone else like him can say today can change that fact – the fact that they all prospered on blood money.

    The only reason people like Branscomb feel free to say these things is because they really do believe their lies. Who I am is irrelevant. What I say is NOT and what I say stands on it’s own regardless of who or what anyone thinks I am. This is NOT about ME and ERNIE BRANSCOMB. Branscomb and his kind are incapable of understanding that simple truth.

  • Kim, I just heard the California Report piece you participated in on the way home from work. I thought it was a balanced piece overall. Thanks for representing us locals so articulately.

    Jim Baker

  • Thanks Jim, I’ll put up a link to the piece today on another post.

    Ernie, thank you so much for your help on this piece.

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  • Thanks Kym,

    You and Branscomb deserve each other. Problem is, all the bullshit in the world can’t change the truth. It is the truth that dictates what goes around also comes around. There is justice in the world and fortunately for the rest of us, people like can’t do anything to stop it. The jokes on you two, though, because neither of you have clue what that “truth” is. OH! And never will.

  • I loved the editing she did. Nice to hear two old friends of mine talking.

  • You couldn’t be more right. What comes around goes around & there is justice in this world. Proven by the fact that Kym & Ernie live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, respected & loved by their friends and families. I think that’s a truth worth knowing.
    Don’t you ever just get tired of being so angry all the time?
    Close you eyes and just try letting go, breathe in peace – breathe out joy.

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