Grower Gets Into Sticky Situation

“Many marijuana growers in the hills of Southern Humboldt live off the grid.  The young grower in this audio blog heats her house with a wood stove, but she has cell phone reception….sort of.”  That’s my co-reporter Lisa Morehouse writing to her supporters at about the little colorful bits of our world here in the Emerald Triangle.

She loves the tales of our odd quirks. I do too.  Unfortunately, we had to cut the following short clip from our final story because of time constraints but I think you’ll enjoy the “perils” of the modern pot farmer so I excerpted it here. (It takes less than a minute to listen to.)

sticky smart phone_mixdown

The grower was trying to organize a large event in the middle of harvest. The resin made her fingers stick to the face as she attempted to use her smart phone.  You might say the whole situation got a bit tacky…


Our piece about Garberville’s financial dependence on the marijuana industry airs on The California Report January 7th (6:30 local time, I think). This is  from the third story in the series New Harvest: The Future of Small Town California. For more excerpts go here.

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