Stoners of Humboldt Unite–A 420 Themed Fast Food Chain has Co-opted Our Name


CHeba Hut, a stoner themed restaurant chain duplicating the plastic culture of fast food has trademarked the name Humboldt (note they’ve spelled it differently) for a sandwich.  According to Nugmag, CHeBA Hut ” is the very first counterculture themed franchise” (isn’t counterculture and franchise an oxymoron?)  The chain which announces that the only thing fried is the occasional customer sells a variety of subs in three sizes–nug, pinner, and blunt.  There is one location in San Diego and three more coming to Northern California soon. The sandwich—

Guacamole, sprouts, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers, pickles & your choice of cheese.
Next thing you know they’ll be branding shwag weed with our name.




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