Canna the Cannabiznesses Integrate Into Local Communities

David Downs of East Bay Express’s cannabis blog, Legalization Nation, just did  an interview with John Geluardi author of the new book about the marijuana industry, Cannabiz. Geluardi talks about the whole industry including how it might become integrated comfortably into society.

…there’s a tremendous effort to try and get dispensary owners involved in their communities. They’re trying to get them to be much more open, to get to know their neighbors, and not act furtively the way that some dispensary owners feel like they have to act. Every time they attend city council meetings on a regular basis they’re becoming a more intrinsic part of the communities they operate in. It just reaffirms this notion that city councils and the county board of supervisors can’t just say no to medical marijuana. … It’s a radioactive issue and you want dispensary owners who are going to to be amenable to the community’s wishes, such as not opening too close to high schools or weird hours of operations, all the sort of things that make communities nervous.



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