A SoHum Story–Stash in the Trash


So a local grocery store clerk told me this story.

Many years ago, the store used to offer recycling.  Folks would come up, drop off their bags of cans or what have you into an area that couldn’t be accessed by the public.  One day, a scruffy looking fellow shuffled into the store awkwardly.  “Excuse me,” he said our clerk, “but…uh…I accidentally threw the wrong bag in the recycling.  I threw in my weed.”

The clerk and another worker went outside and rescued, from among several similar looking trash bags, a contractor sized container of pot.

The moral of this story is “It’s rash to stash your green cash  in the trash.”



  • Too funny! I don’t doubt the veracity of the story at all. It’s typical SoHum wackiness. If you wrote this into a narrative film or novel, it would come across as silly and unbelievable or even slapstick to most people. But that’s our life here.

  • so I was a car stereo installer years ago and, well, I met a bunch of the guys from Southern Humboldt bout this time of year coming in to get the Toyota rockin’ , I pretty much only knew them by their “town names”
    we were in pretty deep in this one truck putting in a complex system looking for places to hide the crossover boxs.
    I popped this panel and out fell this fatty envelope! it was crusty with dust, like the rest of the truck, and I could tell it had been in there for a while, probably years…
    checking it out it was several thousand cash….
    holey shit what a moral dilemma for about .5 seconds
    I busted up laughing and called the crew over, then we figured out how to play it.

    when Dude came back for the truck we were giving him the details,
    “oh yea , I put the crossover here ” patting the hiding spot…
    no reaction, he was high , I could smell the good on him…
    we all smiled, I showed him the envelope and said “this was in here too”
    Dude got this look as it all came back to him…
    he said ” don’t tell the rest of the guys… they’ll all laugh at me and I’ll never live it down”
    Dude we were all laughing at you too, he told us how he got the money as he was going to a party, stashed it in the truck and totally forgot about it.

    Of course as a guy with 3 kids working for $8 an hour I couldn’t imagine having money to forget like that, cause there I am scratching’ to get by, doing some pretty technical work on his truck and he can forget about some bucks, shit man, must be nice….
    I think he flowed me a 20 spot reward

    I had a good laugh and slept well, got some karma bonus points for my part in it.

    Some of the rest of the guys gave good tips sometimes.

  • I know someone who got ripped off while away on a winter vacation. The thieves took a small generator, a motorcycle, and some rifles. But they missed what they were really after –many lbs of herb which were stashed in construction bags at the bottom of a pile of bags full of real garbage.

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