Yesterday, Lindsay Erin Davis Went To Jail Because 19 Didn't Pass

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I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard, “We don’t need to make marijuana legal.  No one goes to jail any more.”  Yesterday, a young woman went to jail. This California woman saw her life dramatically take a turn for the worse–all because she had marijuana and because 19 didn’t pass.

Daily News from Red Bluff, California 11-04-10

Lindsay Erin Davis, 23, of Sacramento was arrested on southbound I- 5, just south of South Avenue.
She was booked into jail on the charges of giving transport to marijuana, possession of one ounce or less of marijuana and possession of a concentrated substance[hash]. Bail was $50,266.



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  • Looks like total bullshit. Okay, so sb 1449 does NOT kick in until January 1st. And they got her for probably a minute amount of concentrate and less than an ounce of pot. Aside from traumatizing this young lady, as well as fcking up her student loans possibly THIS COP HAS JUST PROVEN THAT HE IS A WASTE OF SPACE ON THIS PLANET. IF THERE ARE NO RAPISTS, WIFE BEATERS, THIEVES, THAN HE NEEDS TO FACE THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE LIKE THE REST OF US. That cop is a jerk.

    • This cop is a jerk?
      No just ignorant of what all you drug dealers already know.
      Rapists, murderers and thieves NEVER smoke weed.

  • I too think pot should be legalized if for no other reason than it is a drug that serves a purpose. But, I look at this picture and the story attached and wonder, what possessed these cops to stop her? I do not believe it was the drugs she had. I know not one time that I didn’t get a ticket for speeding or not having my inspection sticker current that the cops weren’t right. I do believe the commercials that Marijuana does nothing to you, meaning with pot your behavior isn’t the best for you – just sitting around smoking pot. Therefore, I am unable to get on your band wagon here and say that she was picked up for what she was charged with. She is probably lucky if they didn’t pile up DUI to the list of charges. I’m glad she is alive and able to learn important lessons.

  • Lulu, I’m sorry– that was just a photo from an unrelated job I did. In no way did I mean to imply that she was stoned.

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  • This cop is a jerk?
    No just ignorant of what all you drug dealers already know.
    Rapists, murderers and thieves NEVER smoke weed.

  • I am not sure that the new law would have covered hash anyway. There is already a new decrim bill signed by the governor that pertains to possession up to an ounce, which also seems not to include hash.

    Although I voted for 19 I found it to be too complicated and understand why some of my friends did not vote for it. One particular concern is that it created new sentences for new crimes (I think mostly around minors). In response to the bills proponent’s asking for advice, I would suggest making the bill more simple and straightforward.

    I took interest in the Arizona medical marijuana bill that (seems to have) very narrowly failed on Nov 2nd and I couldn’t help feeling the same way. That bill ran 37 pages and was turned down by a population that had twice voted for medical marijuana in the past (both bills overturned by state legislature.)

  • Kym – much as you want it to be legal, and much as it probably should be legal, it isn’t legal.

    When you CHOOSE to do something you KNOW is illegal – and she did – what should happen when she is caught?

    Should they let her off because – oh, we don’t agree with the law? But we’ll prosecute this one over here because we do agree with that one?

    That’s not equal protection – which you supposedly care about. Is it?

    You and I can have a warrant issued for our arrest if we fail to pay a parking ticket. We can go to jail for something that stupid. Should we suspend all laws? And who gets to pick and choose which ones will get prosecuted and which ones won’t and do you REALLY want to live in a world where you don’t know from one minute to the next what is and what isn’t going to land you in jail?


    (And btw, I voted for the stupid legalization. I don’t think we need to put people in jail over something harmless. But you have to CHANGE the law, not practice selective enforcement.)

  • She was busted with hash, nineteen wouldn’t’ve make any difference.

  • Lindsay Erin Davis, 23

    What a waste. At 23, you’ve raised them, and hopefully they have just finished college and are about to begin a long and prosperous life – and what is she doing? Not something good for her, and not something that bodes well for her future. How do you feel about that as a parent?

    She’s going to jail. Great. Good job, some parent out there. Is this really what you want? I mean it.

  • Sorry Suzy Blah Blah
    Prop 19 defined marijuana and cannabis to include all parts of the plant, resin, concentrated cannabis, edibles, derivatives, manufacture and preparation from the genus cannabis. You win 20% off the price of any cannabis class order at the University of Cannabis. Go to and use coupon code ‘newstudent’ to collect your 20% discount. Stay safe and god bless.

    • Just one more reason that 19 was poorly written

      • Maybe compassion isn’t your thing.

        • Compassion? I believe it should in all ways be legal to have all the marijuana, hash, hash oil, brownies etc. that you happen to have. Everyone who agrees that marijuana is a benign substance should recognize the obvious justice in that. My sincere sympathy goes out the the chick busted with a head stash, but I agree with Rose that she knew, or should have known, what she was risking, and she was responsible for her actions under the present law.

          Nineteen was all about stealing the market, it was control and restriction wrapped in a ribbon of concern for the consumer. But the good news is, it will be a mere infraction to possess an ounce of marijuana in CA in less than two months.

  • Just one more reason that 19 was poorly written

  • I am sorry for the young thing because hope springs eternal and it all gets so confusing on what we should do at any given moment. I had an OZ on me on my lap when we were pulled over by a Cop and he pulled right next to me in the shotgun seat. I could not move and played it cool and luckily he let us go with out checking us out futher. I would had been busted royally.

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  • She should of been a Medical Marijuana Patent. Anybody in California can be a patent for a $100 or less.

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