Looking for a Job? Our Kids have One for You.

Our school in the hills of Humboldt needs a teacher.  And, like Jane and Michael Banks in Mary Poppins, the kids here have  definite ideas about what qualities a candidate should have.  The Banks children wanted someone who has

…a cheery disposition
Rosy cheeks, no warts!
Play games, all sort

Our hopeful crew of kids is looking for just the right person, too—not only should the person be kind and creative but the person must be someone who can teach the kids magic, bring exotic pets to school, and be sensibly dressed.

Read the rest of their essays here…

Jonathan (4th grade) –whose essay is pictured above and finished below– is hoping for someone who can do magic, bring computers and do Kung Fu.

Emi (6th Grade) is looking for someone who is kind, creative and sensibly dressed.

Kaliana (grade 6) wants a teacher is active, creative and kind.

Lenin (grade 4) is adamant that he wants a man teacher as well as someone that is exciting, creative, and funny.

Malachi (grade 2) also wants a man teacher that brings educational movies and lets the class bring pets.

Presley (grade 4) is eager to find a person who will take the class on fun field trips, who is active, and brings delicious science treats.

So should you feel like our kids and you are a good match go here for how to apply.

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