Wahoo! Humboldt Grow is Online–Free Access to Great Articles and Photos of the Marijuana World

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Slip between the covers of Humboldt Grow’s newest issue and revel in the photos and the articles that reveal the latest look into the marijuana culture. The online site has been updated and, the publisher, Eric Sligh, ripped open the archives for everybody to  enjoy.  Read the pieces I’ve written and talked about on earlier posts here (No Legal Recourse) and here (Tribute to the Trimmers) plus more. The online version will whet your appetite for holding the magazine in your own hands. ( I find it difficult to read long articles online and prefer hard copy.)

The newest trend in marijuana dispensaries is organic, healthy, and scientific–an article in this issue talks about how the dispensaries are providing this information to their patients and how growers can best work with the dispensaries. Other articles deal with the possible environmental hazards that can result from marijuana growing.  Information on bills before the California senate and the US senate regarding decriminalizing cannabis can also be found and on how Oakland is providing a model for the state.  Of course, there are pieces on the “hottest strains” and photos.  Look for the Obama editorial, you are bound to feel strongly one way or the other.

Plus you can enjoy the 3 earlier issues, too.  There are some amazing photos that will drop your jaw.  I know they astounded me the first time I saw them. Issue 3 also has a great article on talking to children about the marijuana scene which everyone should read.  Whether they agree with the author or not, she asserts some positive results for growers talking to their children about what they do.

Sligh offers everyone free online access to the magazine.  Is this the wave of the future?



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