Redwood Run 2009–The Quilt

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If you come to the Redwood Run (and you should because it’s full of cheap sparkles), then stop by the Salmon Creek Quilt Booth.  Buy a ticket and introduce yourself.

The supportive people (Doug, Carl, Roberto etc.) at the Run have provided free booth space for over 10 years to the school.  We raise between $3500 and $10,000 for every quilt which this year (and last) was created for us by Nancy Booth, the school’s grandma and a wonderful neighbor.  The quilt is centered around the official t-shirts of different years of the Run.  Gypsy Moon, who creates the t-shirts, has been very helpful over the years collecting vintage shirts for us to use.

Without such a great community, our little school with only 9 kids would never survive.



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