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floodRight as Rain

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Driving to town twice yesterday, I was amazed at how swiftly the waters rose under the inch or so of rain we got.

After the drought fears, the saying right as rain has a whole new meaning. The storm was beautiful.



  • At the Eel River Con Camp, they had almost 2 1/2 inches of rain yesterday, during the daylight hours. There has been almost 5 inches in this storm. Maybe some of our water washed your way.

    I don’t want to hear anymore whining about “we need the rain”. The old-timers said that if they could get four inches of rain in May that would be all that they needed.

    You can expect a riotous field flower season this year, thanks to the rain! Now hopefully it will go away. Gimme Sonshine!

  • When the rain starts flowing this hard into the creeks, the land is soaked and isn’t getting the full benefit. We could have a break for a week or two. But I’m still enjoying the rain.

  • We recieved 6.6 inches of rain in our rain gauge. Wow.

  • It was a real storm!

  • I got drenched in it. Silly me thought it couldn’t be too bad to run into the store without my umbrella. That’s quite a little flood in your photo.

  • I walked over to a friend’s yesterday afternoon and passed over one of the valley’s many creeks. Though it had been raining a lot for most of the day, the creek didn’t look much different than it did during our dry days. On my way home a few hours later, that same creek had risen a lot. I was pretty amazed… though I shouldn’t have been, considering how hard it rained the entire time I was at my buddy’s place.

  • You could have kept more of it down there, if I had my druthers. I also got soaked going to the store the other day.

  • you have a new look! I like it.

    it almost looks like a flood.

  • One dry spring, it rained six inches on Memorial Day weekend. Trapped a bunch of campers at Benbow Campground when the river covered the summer bridge. Cal Trans cut a road down from the freeway to get them out.. The wind was a little scary yesterday.

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