It is Spring and Redwood Sorrel Blooms in Humboldt Parks

spring-in-the-redwoodsRedwood Sorrel

Daily photo

I can never get very far from Humboldt because in May the Redwoods become places of enchantment–magical forests that make other places pale by comparison.

(Trying out a new WordPress theme that shows links in the comments because I could not figure out how to fix that in the last theme.  Feel free to let me know what you like and dislike about this new framework.)



  • This is a good looking theme. It’s better than the black but the one drawback is your photos don’t “pop” like they would with a white or black background.

  • I agree. I love the comments section. It is so easy to read but I miss the photos looking more exciting.

    • note everybody, you can reply to just one commenter and go off on a tangent. I like that. It only allows for 10 nested comments but I think that should be sufficient.

      • Hey, this comment stacking thing is a cool feature.

        • To enable yours, go to SETTINGS, then DISCUSSIONS on the left hand side of your Dashboard. Then in DISCUSSIONS go to Other comment settings on that page and enable comment thread.

          I’m doing that from memory but I think it is right.

          • Thanks, Kym, you had it right. I’m giving it a test run but I think it looks better with your current theme than it does on the Herald. Here, the “Reply” link is at the bottom of the comment, which makes the most sense. On the Herald it’s above the comment. Most people will probably not even notice.

  • I have quite a bit of sorrel under my Redwood tree, but I have never seen it bloom. I wonder why?

  • Trust me, your photos still look exciting, and I love, love, love this one.

  • I love the sorrel AND the new theme! You have lots of photos with green accents so I think this theme will show them off well.

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