CalFire on Salmon Creek Checking for Fire Breaks


With last year’s fires  still on everyone’s minds and this year’s drought worrying everyone, the fact Calfire is out checking Salmon Creek residences today shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Apparently the two white utility trucks with the red logos are driving out driveways and checking to be sure everyone has cut back brush and grass within appropriate limits around their structures.  I have heard that they don’t plan on crossing locked gates.

UPDATE: I spoke with Capt Garrison of Weott Calfire.  He told me this event is for educational purposes only.  There will be no citations issued.  Calfire has been “instructed to leave information on locked gates.  They’re trying to do a lot  in a short amount of time.”  Garrison explains that Calfire is merely advising residents of state requirements such as the 30′ clearance of flamable vegetation around all structures.  Here is a web site with more information.  Note the web site says new state requirements are 100′ clearance.

Note also  that they did post information that they were coming on the bulletin board and issued press releases.


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