Hanging onto Joy


Hanging onto Joy

Daily Photo

Hang onto Nature for dear life–without it we are inadequate to our own despair.



  • Such intricate design. If you look closer, more detail will be revealed. Nature is fascinating in its infinitely complex yet simple and visually appealing design.
    Wonderful capture.

  • ahhhh. very satisfying.

  • Once again Kym, excellent shot!

  • This is excellent. You have taken two things that I despise—cucumber beetles and California poppies—and turned them into an image that I enjoy.

    This gives me ideas for some other shots.

    White fly and scotch broom.
    Spider mite and pampas grass.
    Spittle bug and dandelion.
    Black rat and blackberry.
    Gopher and yellow lupine.
    Fungus gnat and ice plant.

  • Mr. Nice–cucumber beetles, okay. Nobody’s that fond of them but poppies? They are joy personified!

    Thanks everyone. After looking at the photo again, I’m wondering if I should have called it TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE?

  • Exotic flowers are good, not weeds. I’m not overjoyed when tens of thousands of weeds come up on my property no matter what color their flowers are. Although native to California, these poppies are invasive and I have learned to start eradicating at the first sign of young plants. I use a blowtorch, it works well. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love most wildflowers.

    And I like take a bite out of life title.

  • Every year during poppy bloom, I make it a quest to find a white poppy plant.

    I already found this years plant!

  • I think “Hanging on to Joy” is the perfect title for this picture. Wonderful image.

  • Mr. Nice, I have to confess that I love yellow lupine and scotch broom but having once scattered seeds of the later and now weeding industriously for years after I hacked down the mother plant, I still have seedlings popping up. I learned my lesson on the non-natives (Thank you, Kyle) but I let the native ones take over. I should take a photo of one of my garden beds. Every free space glows with poppies both the native yellows and the orange ones that made it here in some wildflower seed mix.

    Ernie, Where is the photo? I want to see it. I’ve only seen one once.

    Silverstar, thank you.

  • Last years turned out fuzzy but I’m going to work on this years rare treasure tomorrow. I’ll share.

  • I have almost every known invasive species on my place. Scotch Broom, English Ivy, Vinca (periwinkle), Buddlea,an acre or so of Himalayan Blackberry and tons of Poison Oak. It’s hard for me to imagine blowtorching California Poppies. My latest species is the wild onion that is growing everywhere this year. I give up. The blackberries make jam. The Buddlea brings butterflies. The blue flowers of the periwinkle are cute and I enjoy the huge number of bees and wasps that come when the Ivy blooms. You can come get the Scotch Broom and the Poison Oak any time.
    This is the only beautiful Cucumber Beetle photo I have ever seen. Congratulations.

  • I think the title is perfect as is. Such a gorgeous shot, which brought a smile to my face when I saw the little beetle.

  • I have never seen a cucumber beetle before, and he/she looks pretty cute to me, all dressed in his/her itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, or whatever.

    I hadn’t thought of using a blow torch before, either, although it sounds pretty good in getting rid of my neighbor’s ivy, and those dang Himalaya berry vines. I am presently nursing several viscious scratches on my thumb and hand from today’s attempt at pulling weeds intermixed with berry vines. Thank goodness I have no poison oak on my property. (“Property” makes it sound more land-ownerly than plain old “city lot”.)

    Nice shot, Kym.

  • a few decades back some friends of mine rescued a wounded baby black headed grossbeak and let her live “free range” in the house. every window in the house had a bird stick situated above a shell that was an ordure catchment basin. she was adorable and spoiled. we would fill a jar with the c. beetles from the garden and release them in the house to her squeaking delight as they would instantly fly to the windows where she could easily rehunt them. she had plenty of birdseed, but her favorite foods were the cucumber beetles, the oak worms that dangle in the spring, and tofu “cheesecake”. she would land on your shoulder and fight your fingers for small pieces of the cheesecake. try and take it back and she would put it down and charge your thievin’ fingers with her beak. quite cute.

  • How much prompting is it going to take to get you to enter some of these photos in the County Fair? I would vote for this one in a heartbeat even if I wasn’t your mom.

  • Ben, I think yours is the right attitude–Give up and enjoy. I love Himalayan berries on cold cereal and my family is a huge fan of pies made from them. I say live and let live…sorta. Mosquitoes are still my enemy!

    Toni, She cracked me up when I was photographing him–struggling over the lip so gallantly.

    Aunt Jackie, the beetle has now become a she–itty bitty teeny weenie bikini fit perfectly!

    OMR, What a great story. I would have loved to have seen her. ALthough, even with the shells the housecleaning must have been a chore!

    Mom, I think I might have to enter this one. Right now it is my new favorite. I knew when I took it. The colors on the poppies were perfect–they caught warm spring day exactly.

  • Great use of macro! You really captured the flower very well.

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