Cecil's Brings a Touch of the Juke Joint to Garberville

If you haven’t tasted the delicious, sensually sinful food at Cecil’s in Garberville, Saturday the 25th is the time.  According to their press release, “In a continuing effort to bring new and interesting music to Garberville,  Cecil’s New Orleans Bistro is proud to present the unique sounds of Pokey LaFarge this Saturday night. Pokey LaFarge …submerged himself with the most American of music … while picking and strumming with down-home groups everywhere he went, falling in with traveling caravans of vaudeville poets and hell-raising bluegrass pickers alike.”

The music will add to the always warm and  inviting restaurant where a tub of Legos for the kids in the corner is as much a part of the beautiful decor as the bright cloth napkins.  As a meat lover, I recommend the filet mignon which is the tenderest meat I have ever had.  It really does melt in your mouth.

Join the celebration of life with LeFarge.  “For Pokey, every show is a celebration – juke-joint style – where women twirl in their dresses and the fellas stomp their feet and clap their hands. To this day, Mr. LaFarge is still finding tranquility within the yellow highway lines playing up to two-hundred shows a year bringing his music to anyone young and old who is willing to listen.   So come on down to Cecil’s and share in this musical experience,  as always the show is free.”

You can check out his music here.



  • Hey kym slow down, you are putting up posts faster than I can type!

    Nice review of Cecil’s, he is starting to attract quite a few out-of-towners that have discovered that his food is worth the trip!

    I don’t usually talk out of school. But Cecil has one of the cleanest walk-in coolers that I’ve seen. The shelves and floor are stainless steel, and they are sparkling clean. The food is all fresh and everything is completely covered. I usually I don’t see things that clean in the back room. Most places are clean, but Cecil’s is exceptionally clean.

  • If my posts were as full of info as yours I wouldn’t post so often either;> What is your favorite meal there? The canjun food is really good, too.

  • Thanks for the post Kym, and the sterling recommendation Ernie- hope people don’t ask to be seated in the walk-in come summer! Since I know you guys are into the details, Cecil’s is technically Creole food, which is defined by wikipedia as “a style of cooking originating in Louisiana which is a melting pot cuisine that blends French, Spanish, Canarian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Deep Southern American, Indian, and African influences.”

  • OOps, I take it Canjun and Creole are as different as fog and clouds–outlanders can’t tell the differnce but people in the know think you’re an idiot for thinking they’re the same. Whatever it is, it is delicious. I’ll try to remember to call it creole;>

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