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Eureka and Dinsmore Humboldt Marijuana Seizure
On 04/08/2009, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force assisted by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, and the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement served search warrants at three remote parcels of land near Dinsmore and a residence located on Mitchell Heights Road, Eureka.
Agents went to the remote property near Dinsmore and located a cabin and numerous grow structures that were in a gated and fenced area of the remote property.  There were three bull mastiff dogs being utilized to guard the property.
Upon entry to the site, a white male adult, suspected to be Joseph Milch (age 28), ran from the cabin and fled down a heavily wooded embankment.
Agents secured the cabin and immediately located a loaded Glock pistol and a military-style, ballistic, load-bearing vest containing bullet-proof plates.  Agents located two additional loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun, a loaded assault rifle and several loaded rifles.  Agents located additional bullet-proof vests, load-bearing vests and a ballistic helmet.
Agents located and seized over 25,000 rounds of ammunition.  Agents located over 50 magazines (“clips”) to rifles and handguns.  Agents located books and items consistent with the manufacture of “booby-traps.”
There were several structures constructed for the purpose of cultivating marijuana.  Agents located and seized 60-kilowatt and 40-kilowatt diesel generators used to power the grows.  Approximately 700 marijuana plants were seized.
Two 1,000-gallon diesel tanks were also located next to a generator shed.  An additional 300-gallon diesel tank was located in the shed.
Humboldt County Environmental Health responded to the locations to document the hazardous effects to the environment.  There was diesel and oil spilled near the generators.  Humboldt County Code Enforcement also responded to document the illegal grow structures.
Agents also executed a search warrant at a residence located on Mitchell Heights Road in Eureka.  Paperwork was seized at this location.  The owner of the residence was not located.
HCDTF has identified Nate Howe (age 33) as the owner of the remote properties near Dinsmore where the indoor marijuana cultivations were located and seized.  Howe also maintains the residence on Mitchell Heights.
HCDTF anticipates obtaining arrest warrants for Howe and Milch.


  • Wow! Sounds like those guys were ready for a firefight! I sure hate to see diesel spills from these grows.
    I’m also glad that it’s been years since I’ve been up in the Dinsmore area. Sounds kinda dangerous nowadays.

  • Sucks to be Howe and Milch.

  • Crazy stuff, it’s a wild world out there, too wild.

  • Time for you growers to move to another part of California and let
    the Humboldt economy go to shit!

    Another option is to unite and march on the government offices and demand your
    human rights!

    Another option is to rebel and start showing up at the drug law enforcers homes
    and do what they do to you!

    I suggest uniting with peaceful protest, bribes, and paid lobbyist in the government.

    I bet the drug law enforcers go to church every Sunday, but miss the real
    meaning of Christ and his life on earth. If they would read Matthew 5:44 and practice
    what Jesus tells them to do then peace would reign in the county. BUT they have no idea
    of Christ and are just full of fear. Oh well hell needs people too I suppose.

    What is up with all the diesel generators? You guys do know propane generators are quiet
    and produce very little pollution. When you change the oil do the right thing.


  • Another example of overgrown boys with too much money and too little maturity buying “big-boy” toys with no sense of the real-world ramifications. Thank God this guy had the sense (or fear) to run into the woods! I’m with Kym: I think marijuana is a fine herb, I worry about the economic impacts of legalization, and the tragedy and idiocy accompanying its illegality must be stopped. How many boys and men must we lose to this game? How many families heartbroken, how many children frightened and confused, how many watersheds poisoned?

  • I’m hearing that in this case there wasn’t any diesel spill, Thank God. The guns and ammo are probably, like you say, big boy toys. I believe legalization is imminent but if it isn’t, how long before the violence that Mexico is seeing happens here. Most growers have been low violence types. But that could change I fear.

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