Flight–Youth Alive's Outdoor Adventures Takes Off



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Update for those interested in the Youth Alive! community movement here in Southern Humboldt.

Struggling to reduce the large numbers of young people dying in our rural county, on March 26th, some activists gathered ideas to encourage youth involvement in multiple kinds of outdoor fun.  Out of the meeting came a mission statement for their group.

“We wish to promote fun, physical, outdoor activities and provide healthy opportunities for youth to connect with each other, their local world and positive role models from the community.”

The group plans to encourage hikes, bikes, and more for the under 21 crowd. According to an email from the group, hopes are to “incorporate multiple interests: rock-climbing, surfing, photography,… etc. to attract a broad spectrum of participants.” Youth from all over the community will be welcome.

Information about specific events will be announced via “posters around the high school, through ASB announcements, spreading the word through the Earth Club or other interested student groups, email and notices in the calendar listing of local papers and radio.”



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