Autumn Color, Summer Creature


Autumn Color, Summer Creature

Daily Photo

Perhaps it was the summery weather but this tiny tired creature timewarped from last season into my Autumn garden yesterday.



  • Oh what a nice surprise!!!!
    It’s about time for my yearly visit to Shively for more tomatoes and apples.
    Wish me luck. We’re running out of time to can.

  • Kym, this is lovely! I treasure your daily shots.

    I thought of you today when I saw a perfect spider web with a big fat spider sitting right in the middle of it. It was in a hedge in the middle of town. I tried to capture what I saw with my cellphone, with inadequate results. I can’t bear to be without my camera anymore! I t never fails that I see something wonderful each time I forget it. Hmmph!

  • Jen, I haven’t been for a couple months. If they still have tomatoes, I’m going on my way to Eureka Friday. I’m tired of these mealy store bought ones already (ok I know they are better than what you could find elsewhere but I miss summer flavor.)

    Indie, I have yet to see a camera phone do more than record the basic facts. Art isn’t their forte’. The worst time I forgot my camera was when I was in Garberville at the same time as the King of Jordan. I still have the perfect image framed in my mind. The window of the SUV rolled down, a handsome arabic man holding a automatic weapon at the ready. And I didn’t get the pic because I left my camera at home!!!!

  • Sort of a last hurray from summer…..and, as always, a lovely picture.

  • I’m surprised they are still around, and this one is obviously on it’s last wings. Most of the leaves have even blown down from the trees here. And I needed my gloves this evening when I went to the library on Epona.

  • My old “Butterflies of California” says it is the Virginia Lady, Vanessa virginiensis. Probably there is a newer name. I looked it up as I had never seen one quite like it.

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