Piping up about Blogs in Humboldt

After reading The Bitten Apple’s post about how delighted she was to find Myrtletown’s list of Humboldt County blogs, I realized that many people might not be aware of this incredibly comprehensive list of local sites or my favorite way to keep up with Northcoast bloggers–The Northcoast Journal’s Humboldt Blogs Pipes.

The last source allows you to with one click access the latest posts by some of the most talked about nearby bloggers.  It works like a feed giving the reader the title, the author, and first few lines of each post and providing a link. For example, here is the most recent entries at the time of this writing:

The photo is by my wife Janis, my favorite photographer in the whole world. Her pictures ain’t bad either.The photo is a huge file, so you can click on it and make it enormous, she took the picture for me …
  • It looks like the Democrats are going to let Lieberman slide with his chairmanship in the Homeland Security Committee, but quite frankly his personal attacks on Obama and several Democratic senators during the campaign are only part of the story, …
  • This conversation is already underway in the Quick Notes section of this blog. The safety of bicyclists traveling between Eureka and Arcata on highway 101 just got the middle finger salute from CalTrans. The California DOT plans to cut half …
  • So, as the Anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre approaches, there are specials on the various networks, and stories in the paper. It’s that time of year when Tim Stoen has to endure a few days of exquisite torture, interviews and …
  • The NC Journal’s Pipes is not an all inclusive list–some of my favorite local blogs aren’t on it–including The Redneck Romance Writer and The Ranch on Salmon Creek but, as a whole, an excellent variaty of Humbolt County bloggers are represented.  Keeping up on local concerns is easy now.

    Ernie’s Place

    299 Opine

    Capdiamont’s Weblog

    Carol and Greg’s

    Chocolate Covered Xanax

    Eureka POZ

    Fred’s Humboldt Blog

    House of Sand and Fog

    Humboldt Homestead

    Nocturnal Nomad

    North Coast Journal Blogthing



    Rambling Jack’s Laboratory

    Samoa Softball

    SoHum Parlance

    Talking Tech

    The Blog Most Likely Too

    The Humboldt Mirror




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