Falling Leaf


Falling Leaf

Daily Photo

Finding serenity watching the leaves fall.



  • Finding serenity in the rule of thirds. Very nice.

  • Simple yet very nice.

  • Watching leaves fall has always given me a sense of comfort and contentment. The way they tip back and forth as they drift down on windless days, as though waving goodbye to fall. I would frame this one to get me through the uncomfortably hot days in summer, and remind myself that as with all things “This too shall pass.”

  • Ben, Like martial arts, the meditation is in following the rules so exactly that you soon transcend them;>

    Mrs. Buster, you spoke my feelings. I was working in the garden today and kept stopping to watch one drift down silent and solitary but somehow hopeful and joyous like the first snowflake.

  • Great timing to capture that leaf! Very cool.

  • This photo reminded me of a song we used to sing many years ago.

    Come, little leaves, said the wind one day,
    Over the meadow with me and play.
    Put on your dresses of green and gold,
    Winter is coming and the days grow cold.”

  • Toni, When I decided to take the picture, I stood poised for twenty minutes trying to catch a leaf. It was like I slowed long enough for the world to catch up to me and instead of everything being breathless and blurred, the focus clicked and the peace I had been enjoying became enough to carry me throughout the day. Of course, my family was gone and I was home alone;>

    Mom, I used to sing that to Clay and Quinn. I need to teach it to Malachi. I loved that song when I was little.

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