Lilac Leaves


Leaves in Light

Daily Photo

Before the storm,  Lilac stems clasped each other like skydivers soaring through the air but now the wind has tossed them across the driveway and their chutes drag trails through the mud.



  • Once again, beautiful.

    I wish I knew how to take macro, super detailed close-up shots like this. I see things all the time that I have no idea how to capture with my camera. Sometimes I get lucky. I would rather have skill.

  • At Cafe Press you can put images on posters, mugs, pins, calendars, notebooks, greeting cards, mouse pads….

  • At first I thought they were peaches! Such peachy colours!

  • Indie, Honestly, my camera does it all. I turn the dial to flower, point and shoot. And, I throw most of my shots away.

    Max, I’m looking. I’m looking. But all of the places offering make your own calendar I can find are set up for horizontal shots, most of mine are vertical.

    Forkboy, they lit up one whole corner of my patio even on the grayest day but now they are scattered and torn.

  • That’s some really good looking wood, too.

  • That’s another eally nice image. Love the fall color.

  • That can be fixed and I am not sure you really want to go calendar I think cards might be better. We should talk.

  • Thank you.
    The wood is from an old redwood that fell on my grandmother’s place. My dad had it milled up and very very sweetly gave my husband and I enough to side our addition.
    Max, my photos are okay but I’m thinking about giving them away as Christmas extras. No body is going to buy them.

  • Kym… Blue Moon carries the cards of several local photographers. I suspect yours would be quite popular. I certainly would buy them.

  • Ben, thank you but I just have a few that I consider interesting. I’ll stick with calenders for family if I can just find a site that does vertical calenders.

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