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  • Magic mushroom or ordinary mushroom? Excellent photo, either way.

  • Kym, every day when I check your blog, I am blown away. Your photos have been especially stunning as of late. Thanks for providing such singular moments of beauty.

  • Silverstar, I don’t think this one is magical in anything but its looks but I think it might be edible. I’ll have to ask one of my mushroom hunting neighbors.

    Jennifer, thank you. I’m learning how to actually capture a bit of the beauty on the land here but I took 20 photos of the spanish moss shimmering with tiny droplets of rain yesterday and none of them are worth looking at. If you could see how beautiful the moss was, you would be enchanted.

  • It is really time for you to put at least a calendar together have you checked out Cafe Press?

  • Kym… Nevah eata Amanita! Can’t see if there’s a ring but ALWAYS avoid a mushroom with white gills unless you are certain of the identity.

  • It’s other worldly looking..

  • No, Max, I haven’t and my aunt Jackie sent me a link too. I’d better get cracking if I’m going to make this by Christmas.

    Ben, the lighting I used made it difficult to see that the mushroom has soft gray gills but I won’t eat anything unless somebody I trusts identifies it first.

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