Peace inside a Foggy Ridge


The Edge of the World

Daily Photo

In a very literal sense this is the edge of my world.  On mornings when I slip out of the house to take photographs, I need to stay within hearing should my littlest awake and this, the edge of our land, is the farthest I can go. In another sense, the real world is out there and here, today, fog obscured the far hills at dawn creating a cup of quiet for me to find some peace when heart and throat were both hurting.



  • Very ethereal. The fog reminds me that recently we have had a taste of that “old-time” fog around here. Thicker than we’ve had in quite some time, but not as thick as in past years.

    Sorry your throat and your heart are both hurting. I hope both heal soon.

  • That does look like the edge of the world. I hope you find the peace to heal.

  • A day working in the garden soothed better than a hot tub and a massage in a fancy spa. Thanks;.

  • I’m sorry your heart and throat were hurting. The garden does sound good, followed by tea, I hope. 🙂

  • Your photos are sublime. I am going to start checking here every day so I can enjoy the daily photo.

  • Elizabeth, I’m not a tea drinker (hate the nasty stuff) but I had some vitamin C.

    Indie, thank you. I’m glad we found each others blogs. I especially enjoyed your review of the voting here in Humboldt. I had been meaning to check my votes out with the final count and you had already done it for me.

  • Kym, I’m glad we found each other too. I especially like how gracefully you express things, such recently as on Eureka POZ , thought you were particularly diplomatic in dealing with someone’s pain while questioning the wisdom of a vindictive post.

    I wish we could devise a way to correspond about our sons. I could sure use a friend in that regard.

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