Bridging the Divide


Bridging the Divide

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  • That is the hope. The divide from each other, and the divide from the world.

  • We want to bridge the divide. But darn you, did you shoot this or paint it? It’s gorgeous. Doing a little Photoshopping lately?

  • All I did, Silverstar, is soften the focus (kinda like I do with life;>). This is the mouth of Salmon Creek, the watershed I live in. On the left, veiled by the lacy trails of vegetation is the column for the freeway bridge.

    I posted this after I knew Obama had won. This is my way of manifesting the America I want to see.

  • That is an amazing photo Kym.

  • Top notch Kym. And rather poignant…

  • Well said and portrayed Kym. Wasn’t that a wonderful acceptance speech our President Elect gave? I was also pleased with McCain’s closing sentiments. The divide does need to be bridged and it does begin with us, brick by brick. Mark and I always feel something like we are in the middle. We have many true hard core conservative friends, whose eyes glaze over as they spout one spiel after another and then we also have friends on the other side of the spectrum who do the same thing. It is the eyes that glaze over that causes the real problems. We become blind and cannot see. Just the other day, my two sons stood in my living room. One on the right and the other the left (politically and positionally). As they discussed things became tense; the one on the right getting louder and funnier with eyes glazed over, the one on the left still soft spoken, but arms crossed and with eyes glazed over. I love and value both of my sons and I can sense that their underlying ideals are not so different. They just need to open their eyes and loosen their grasp a little on what they believe. They need to walk a mile or so in each others shoes. At least that is what I think.

  • that’s what I’d like to see too. beautiful.

  • This is beautiful, Kym. And, although I know it’s a concrete pillar, I still see it as a giant redwood. (sigh) “You can take the girl outta the woods…”

  • Thank you all.

    TJ, I agree with your assessment that it is the glazed eyes that worry me the most. Some positions are scary but if the person has an open heart and mind, they rarely cause serious harm. Some positions seem strongly to be right but if the person espousing the position has a closed heart and mind they often spread hate and fear. And young people with their passion often fall prey to this malady… But isn’t their intensity beautiful?

  • Wow! That’s beautiful. Kym, several of your pics, my faves like this one … for some reason, I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s the light, or the faerie like atmosphere, or maybe the ‘softening’ … or … something maybe it’s the feeling of hope I don’t know –but they kinda remind me of Maxfield Parrish.

  • What a picture! You gottan eye, for sure.

  • Thank you, Eric and Doug.

    Headwrapper, I love Maxfield Parrish just for that quality of hope that you say I sometimes achieve. Thank you, you are very kind.

  • Kym, it is beautiful.

  • If this is the beauty Barack Obama has inspired, I want to be around for his second term as well. Wonderful colour, wonderful light and wonderful composition.

  • Kym, that’s amazing – the experts would say you need to shift the horizontal break either up or down according to the rule of thirds but I can’t imagine this one any other way, great job!

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