Rainbow through Leaves

Autumn with Rainbow

Daily Photo

Fall is Spring’s golden cousin



  • The colors there are amazing.

  • Is it wrong to hate someone that you really only know via the Interweb-series-of-tubes-thingy?

    (glorious picture – still hating you, but glorious picture 😉

  • Forkboy…that was funny! I have often thought that myself (of other bloggers, of course)

    Great picture =)

  • This is a great photograph, Kym–fall colors plus a rainbow! I haven’t seen much color in Eureka. It must be up in the hills.

  • The leaves are such nice colors. They also frame the rainbow really nicely. I don’t remember the last time I saw a rainbow. I love them. I seem to never have my camera when I see one.

  • I love your blog. You take pictures like I would if I had any talent for it. Absolutely gorgeous. When are you going to compile these and sell them?

  • Kym, my love of Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino, and the Eel River valley runs so deep that I have often wondered if it might be genetic, because my heritage has been in this valley so long.

    The pictures that you take reflect the things that I know and love about this place, like none other that I ever seen. As the seasons change, you have always captured the picture that I’ve already had in my mind, and I know that you must feel that genetic deepness also.

    I’ve never seen any other photographer capture what this valley means to me like you. Almost every picture that you post represents this valley in it’s best light. I really wonder if others without that deep feeling for this place can really appreciate what you do.

    The reason that I call your photography pictures is because anyone can take a photograph. You show a real picture. There is no other place on this whole earth that picture could have been taken but here. The dried grass steep hillside, with the Maple tree leaves in their seasonal color. And, the right on time rainfall, with the sun caused rainbow and the sunlight playing on the leaves.


  • Really great capture! The fall leaves on their own are great, but with the rainbow? Bonus!!

  • I keep coming back to this…..damn if it isn’t just glorious and wonderful.

  • omg why would I ever visit Archie again??Just kidding

  • Thanks everyone, I was just luckily in the right place at the right time.

    Ernie, you brought tears to my eyes though. I do love this area and people like you who love it too are special to me. I don’t think my photos are anything particularly well done–they are just of places and things we both love so deeply. I wish I had the ability to convey this beauty to everyone but if I could do it right we would have so many tourists here, we wouldn’t have room to breathe.

  • You’re too modest…..your pictures are wonderful. It doesn’t hurt that you have a place that is beautiful to photograph, but you are pressing all the right buttons (no pun intended).

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