Quailing before His Might

His Majesty’: Quail Before his Might

Daily Photo

The Napolean of the Avian world struts down a gravel road.



  • I love quail. They are such fun little birds. Dumb, but fun. I have a small flock that hang out around my house, but they always disappear when I get out of my pickup when I come home so I can never get their photo. Maybe they aren’t so dumb after all. 🙂

    Yours looks very regal.

  • I love ’em too, with their little bobbing heads.

  • Every time I see quail, all I can say is “yum.”

  • We had a small flock of Japanese quail in a run in our backyard down in the suburbs of LA for a year or two in the sixties. I think it was a Boy Scout project of my brother’s. One day, we noticed that one was limping around kind of spastically, and was harassed by the other quail. My mom, having grown up in rural Mendocino, realized she needed to put it out of its misery. So she grabbed it by the head, and snapped its neck, and set it down. The quail walked away perfectly normal and refreshed. My mom, the avian chiropractor.

  • Hey Kim, what happened to the page with your rainbow and leaves picture? I can see it on my reader but get a 404 error when I try to click on it.

  • *sshhh!* *she doesn’t know that when she publishes first, and changes the scheduled time second, our readers catch the preview…*

  • Whoops, you caught me in an error. I had meant to post date the photo for today but forgot til after I published. Thanks, Elaine for telling Silverstar what I had done.

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