Climbing Up

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  • Climbing trees…a necessary skill for kids. I was encouraging my six-year-old to climb on our recent camping trip. Part of the encouragement I gave him was to go ahead and “ascend” without worrying about being able to get down. Sometimes he’s too cautious, so I told him I’d handle getting him down from wherever he climbed to. We had moderate success.

  • You have a cautious 6 year old, too? My little guy gets anxious when faced with anything new. He is, though, a pretty terrific tree climber having been doing that for awhile.

  • Oh yeah, cautious for sure, but not so cautious that he doesn’t run around the house doing his Jedi moves and Kung Fu kicks…I guess he’s not too worried about our furniture.

  • I don’t know who said this but it seems to fit the photo.

    “Climb High,
    Climb Far,
    Your goal the sky,
    Your aim the star.

  • I like the way the light plays on his face and his rapt expression.

  • I love the photo, you are becoming quite an artist:)

  • I was never able to climb the trees where you had to climb them rope-like until there were branches up high. I’d watch my younger sister with envy.

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