Jumping at Three Falls

Jumping from High up on Three Falls

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In the middle of winter, I think of swimming at Three Falls.  Here, Grandsons of some of the Back-to-the-Landers enjoy the area together-continuing a tradition that their families enjoyed. One, Jonathan Scoppazi, is leaping from 20 feet above the pool while the other, Ryver Gribi is watching from a rock. 200 years ago, Native boys were probably daring each other to jump from the same place.

The water flow is a trickle compared to one hundred years ago. (Here is a photo taken in July of 1908. Thanks to Ben Schille for pointing out the link.) However, the pool is still deep and cool and the place is magic.


Sorry for not posting recently but, as you can see, I’ve been working hard.



  • No fair! Please give more hints as to the location, so that I can have a nice bath.

  • AAHHH! He’s levitating! He’s a witch!

  • It is magic and I haven’t been there since about 1978. In those days, we all had all over tans and clothing was not to be seen. We looked a good deal better than we do now and we weren’t scared of the sun. Before we went swimming, I would drop a lure in the pool at the bottom and catch dinner. Goddard’s photo was taken in 1904 or 1907. He was on horseback with his informant and friend Briceland Charlie.

  • that looks like fun!

  • Bigfoot, Don’t pretend you don’t know where Three Falls is! I’ve seen you there.

    Forkboy, reminds me of Henderson’s series about The People. I love those stories.

    Ben, thanks for the memories and the correction.

    Elizabeth, we had a wonderful time!

  • yeah! more hints! i have been trying to find this place for a bit now, but to no avail. great picture! thanks!

  • No Fair keeping secrets!

    I just spent an hour on google earth. I think that I found were it could be, in fact, has to be, but it doesn’t look the same! Darn!

  • Grandsons of back-to-landers????? SHeesh…I’m getting old!

  • !908, you are right, I am wrong. Funny, I thought it was 1907, my apologies.

  • Maybe we should have the blogger’s picnic at Three Falls–if you don’t mind the hot forty-five minute hike in…And the fact the neighbors will never forgive me.

  • So glad you had a good time at three falls. It is a special place and worthy of celebration. No worries about the ring by the way. It isn’t ours. No idea whose it is. All is to be shared anyway. Enjoy. Also, if the old photo was taken early in July, it would not be as unusual to have that level of flow. Last year there was a fairly heavy flow all the way into early August. Anyway, I know that there probably is less water due to the heavier use, but I wanted to point out that other factors might be into play as well.

  • Tj, Thanks for the info. You know, I hadn’t considered that the photo might have been taken early in July, doh! I don’t remember last august being as full of water as it shows in the photo but I’m going to start keeping photo records in Mid July from that spot and comparing. That will be fun.

    Thank you for being so kind about the ring. What I’ll probably do then is ( as swimming season is drawing to a close) I’ll bring one next year and leave it.

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  • when i was a teen I went up there and my brother and two friends climbed up on the right side and my bro jumped off the peak. way too much of a jump for me and too small of a landing area, but I must say the top fall is paradise. surrounded by rock and the best massage you ever had from the cone of water the fall creates if you can scale the fall that is, oh and dont forget the rock slide into the second pool…which is kinda creepy if you ask me.

  • Leland, Kevin likes to swim up some water tunnel which you can’t turn around in once you start. He disappears forever it seems to me. Now that part of the falls is creepy! And I haven’t got the courage to jump from anything but the lowest rocks.

  • As a child who grew up swimming that tunnel, I am not sure I would have the guts to do it now, but it is an amazing experience…

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