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  • Hey, it’s the cover of the Eagles One Of These Nights album.

    Don Henley is sooooooo going to sue you!

  • Ekovox – You are right. There are lots of simalarities between the album cover and the photo. Great memory – that album came out over 30 years ago. You must be a devoted Eagles fan.

  • Over 30 years ago??? Oh, my where has the time gone? This year would be my 30th reunion from Hoopa Valley High School.

    Kym, side subject: Interested in attending a bloggers picnic?
    The site is leaning toward Benbow State Park….go here to vote for the location.

  • Yup. I’ve got that album too. Wikipedia says it was released the year before I graduated from high school. Mine has an oval yellow sticker on it that says “Elaine”. Can’t beat that.

    I’m in for Benbow. The Benbow Inn even has a blog.

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