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  • Laytonville Rock


  • Lilies are so over the top, I thought of “I’m ready for my close-up” as an apt caption. What a portfolio you’re creating, Kym — you’ve got such a great range of subjects!

  • At this point in photography, I’m somewhat frustrated that the transfer of my photos from raw images to jpegs results in a lowering of quality. Probably there is some way to tell ahead of time what will photos will transfer better than others.

    Hopefully, I will figure it out soon. This blind stabbing is really frustrating. I’m not happy with this photo but its counterpart in Lightroom looks lovely.

  • It’s a gorgeous flower. And the resolution of the anthers is great.

    Regarding your issue of quality, I’ve noticed with some of the software that I use to convert from RAW to JPEG, there is a setting for quality (usually a scale of 1-10). Perhaps yours is set lower than 10?

    (my apologies if you are already aware of this feature – just trying to help in case you didn’t know)

  • This photo is absolutely, positively gorgeous, and I can’t figure out what you are whining about. But maybe that’s because I have never had the courage to shoot in RAW. You are always going to lose something when you compress RAW to jpg, that’s the nature of the beast. And since you can’t put RAW on the web without having a huge file, I think you have to resign yourself to whatever tiny loss you are seeing. Or go to printing your RAW photos and selling them online. I am still this green with envy that you have a ten megapixel camera, more talent in your little finger than I have in my whole body, and Lightroom, now I find out you have Lightroom? ARRRGH! But as long as you are shooting in RAW, you might try selling your photos on istock if you aren’t already.

  • Forkboy, I didn’t know of the feature and can’t wait to see if that helps.

    Silverstar, Thank you for the vote of confidence. I’m pretty sure I’m not good enough to sell photos yet but maybe someday.

  • Kym,
    You will never know until you step outside your box. You obviously have the vote of many of your followers and some of them appear to have a pretty good knowledge of photography.
    My vote is to give it a try .

  • I just happen to live in a beautiful area with a mother who has a lovely garden (Thanks for letting me shoot this lily!)

  • If you apply to be an istock photographer, and send them photos, they will tell you what you may need to do to improve enough to be considered.

  • Breck’s has a new tree lily called Purple Prince. I may have to add it to my collection of lilies…
    Kym, the name of that late-flowering tulip with the grassy foliage (you may recall the post on our blog) is called, Superba Butterfly Tulip or Calachortus, which comes from the Greek and translates to “beautiful grass”.

  • Is that the one Ernie and I thought was a native wildflower?

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