Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

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  • Beautiful, Kym! I’ve been thinking of adding a Butterfly Bush blossom to my Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly tattoo on my right arm… so it looks like it’s sitting on the flower. This is a perfect photo to use. 🙂

  • I love that shade of purple. Great capture.

  • Hey Monica I want a credit. Tattoo in Redheaded Blackbelt below the pic. 8)

    Thanks Sandi!

  • I hope Monica has a very long arm.

  • Figured this post might be the best spot to place this bit, though posting it was inspired by the complimentary comments in the condor thread regarding Kym’s wonderful nature photos.

    Leaves Speak; a Journalist Listens
    New York Times
    Published: July 20, 2008

    AS a journalist and critic Janet Malcolm wields prose with the precision of a scalpel, creating studies unflinching in their directness and layered with meaning and metaphor.

    But lately Ms. Malcolm has banished traditional vocabulary to produce a different kind of portraiture. Mature, callow, tattered or freshly unfurled, her subjects stare forth from the page, exactly the same yet endlessly varied. Viewed on their own, they might be thought merely beautiful or occasionally odd. But as a group, they reveal a cross-section of diversity, their stories as complex as those of any human upon which Ms. Malcolm has cast her eye.

    “Burdock,” a book with 28 photographs and a two-page essay by Ms. Malcolm, is to be released on Aug. 11 by Yale University Press. It can be read in a number of ways. As the next step in an unassuming photographic career. As an ode to the botanical illustrators in whose work Ms. Malcolm finds inspiration. As an essay on nature, and on the self. As a love story.

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