Quail Query

Who’s There?

Daily Photo

Trying to keep some of his enormous brood alive long enough to pass on his genes, the quail cocks his head looking for predators.



  • It may be hardwired into their genes, but I love these little heroes.

  • I love them, too. They are just delightful to watch.

  • There is such a sweet little self-important bustle to their days. I enjoy them a lot.

  • Ah those boy quail. They are the greatest. Always the last to get out of the road once the brood is safe. Always on the lookout. Only eating when the coast is clear. They make being a guy look good.

  • These quails are delightful to watch. It is breaking my heart as their environment slowly disappears. Last year, I had 20 in my front yard. This year, with a new subdivision being put in, I’ve only seen 5. It’s sad, really.

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