The Spirit of Humboldt

Getting into the Spirit

Tao Ryce, Bassist for NPK

Most small towns are sleepy but ours are action packed. The Southern part of Humboldt has, according to the Redwood Times, a population of around 15,000 with its two “major metropolitan” areas reaching the grand total of about 2000 inhabitants each. Yet, this last month has included multiple lightning strikes, catastrophic fires, an invasion by 450 FBI agents, a visit by the King of Jordan and, of course, our ever present passionate discussions about how to deal with our modern day Prohibition and the environmental and economic fallout that results from marijuana’s illegal status.

Our tiny little Art Deco movie theater kept the action up this last Thursday with a wonderful event.  Local band, NPK opened the house to a passionate crowd of fans for the shooting of a new music video. Fans from babies to elders rocked and clapped to the beat while cameras rolled.  The energy grew more passionate until finally many members of the crowd surged onto the stage and joined the band in singing, swaying and tambourine playing.

Outside, the full moon hovered high over the tiny streets. Other than the theater, lights came from only the grocery store and the gas stations. Only one stop sign interfered with the main road through town. Yet, cars still paused to allow pedestrians to cross where needed rather than where indicated by crosswalks. Small groups strolled through town laughing and chatting. People gathered on corners and leaned against buildings moving slowly and savoring the perfection of the weather.

Nearby, the Jordanian king dined in one of our best Inns surrounded by security guards and guns.  I hope he and his wife had a chance to step outside alone and wander the quiet night in peace like we did for, like the crowd in the theater, many of the people of So. Hum are passionate souls ready to get into the spirit of the moment but most of them, like me, paused on their way home to enjoy the moon and clouds lighting quiet landscapes of trees and meadows.

How did we manage the best of both worlds here?


Okay, maybe the excitement hasn’t all been exactly fun but at least it isn’t boring here.



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