Garberville Gets Guns and Cops

Just after 4 PM today, a motorcade consisting of 6-8 cars ranging from SUV’s to sedans with California exempt license plates accompanied by half a dozen motorcycle police officers hurried through our small town from north to south.  Using sirens and officers to keep other traffic at bay, they ignored the only stop sign on main street and sped to the top of town where they turned around at the Garberville Motel (leaving what looked like two vehicles pulling U-hauls and their drivers) they then turned back around. 

Many of the vehicles had tinted windows though some had them rolled down.  At least one of the men was carrying what looked like a machine gun (although I am not a gun aficianado but I am married to one).  The man held it right at the window though not pointed but he was extremely alert.

The motorcade then rushed back through town turning towards Kimtu and entered the freeway there.  They were observed to exit at Benbow and seemed to head towards our beautiful historic Inn.  Were those vehicles carrying high level FBI or someone else?



  • This is why I could never live there. Usually you only see cavalcades of machine gun toting Darth Vader types careening through small towns in third world countries. That should not even be happening in the United States.

  • The King of Jordan was in Bandon Oregon yesterday, perhaps it was him. And no, I’m not kidding…

  • I wondered where Elvis was going to show up next! lucky!

  • George W. is in Redding. doubtful that would have anything to do with it.

  • I hope it’s the King of Jordan, with his Harleys in the Uhauls. I’ll bet he takes 1 along the coast, missing Willits tomorrow.

  • Yep, King Abdullah, and Queen Rania.

    At least we finally have soomone in town that can out-gun the locals.

  • Somehow I thought a head of state would have more cars and more cops. But, Ernie you usually know the local info and now that I think about it there were no blonds etc. in the car–so they could have been Middle Eastern. Oddly though at least some of the cars said California Exempt on them.

  • calif exempt is right, they were in crescent city at five p.m today if you noticed the stares on the bikes they appeared to be c.h.p. and the uniforms they bike riders wore were c.h.p.


  • Wow….if the Harleys were in the trailers, that makes Abdoullah the ultimate “trailer king”. Perhaps SoHum was just a stop on the way to Sturgis.

  • Cops, guns and SUVs…just like my comment on your son’s peeing picture…Wheeeeee!

  • Too bad he missed the Harley Run!

  • Be honest now Kym. If the King of Jordan would make a substantial donation to your cause (not just a string of beads), and asked nicely, would you…?

  • Elaine, my turn…LOL!

    But, I find the queen to be much more appealing to my tastes.
    Fortunatly for me I’m Married, and I don’t have to worry about such nonsense! (Yeah, Right)

  • I’d figure the poor man must be ill and I’d humor him 8)–well, probably not but, at least I got a grin out of thinking about it.

  • Kym, There’s a good chance you actually saw the King on one of the Harleys. I suspect he rode in front on the Avenue of the Giants, tho I’m told there was a CHP bike in front when they went through Phillipsville. I wonder if us taxpayers are paying for the Highway Patrol escort.

  • With all those California Exempt license plates, I’ll bet there is a bit of a bill. But, I hope he had a wonderful time. I can’t imagine having to see the world from within a circle of security guards. Kinda sad.

  • I would guess the King pays the bill. It’s not a “state” visit.

    Ernie! You wish!

    Kym, I hope so too. He’s known for being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so if I see him around Willits, I’ll flash him my tits. Anything to advance Moslem/Christian relations, I say.

  • Well, it took a bit for it to sink in, but Mike and I were “almost” within touching distance of the King on Thursday. We had gone to the Marina to see the ship “Nina”. Just before making the exit off the bridge to turn off to the Marina, there was a big messy group of motorcycles around a car coming the opposite way. Normally you see motorcycles in pairs or single file, but this was a very sloppy-looking mess! Then I read in yesterday’s paper that the king had eaten at the Marina Cafe, so I put two and two together and realized it was the King and his group, protecting the car and its contents, I suppose. Shucks, if we had left the house an hour earlier, we might have had lunch with the King!

  • Didn’t he have some shindig to attend in Utah?

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