Dances with Death

Dances with Death

Daily Photo

I know I mostly do pretty here but sometimes nature is beautiful without being pretty.



  • One of my cats kills lizards. Very irritating.

  • Kyyyymmmmm…… That’s disgusting!

    The poor thing died quick though, it still has it’s tail. And I see from the eggs that it is female. I’m guessing from the puncture wounds on it’s neck that it was probably killed by a cat. No ants yet, it must have just been put there.

    Well, now you know what I see when I see something like that, I wonder what normal people see?

  • there’s a symmetry to this… the curves draw me away from the death… wow.

  • The weed that its tail is laying in is called “Whitemans Footsteps” because it only grows on well worn ground, and occording to the Idians only a white man would walk the same trail twice and wear out the grass.

  • It is as much a part of life as birth. That image is well balanced. Now it is time for me to begin wondering just why the representations of death we see on our large and small screens is considered so acceptable yet representations of the beginning of a life are viewed with such horror.

  • beautiful indeed.
    Thanks for daring the macabre. There is a sanskrit saying along the lines of, “Shiva is the flower on the manure pile”. I like to keep a picture of Shiva in the outhouse for that reminder. 😉

  • I definitely like the balanced symmetry and color and also the reminder of what awaits all of us. I believe that thinking of death helps one live.

  • Should I even say I’m relieved it isn’t a Western Fence Lizard? Probably not.

    Hey, I’ve placed you on a little blog award list over at Willits Daily Photo, if you want it, and want to pass it on. If not, no shame, no blame. ;^)

  • I would bet that it is an “alligator lizard”. What the locals used to call “Mountain Lizard”.

    It looks like a lizard that just returned from its class reunion!

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