Mama Quail with Cheepers

Daily Photo

I had trouble shooting through the grass but Mama was so proud of her babies I couldn’t resist showing her to you all.  She had over a dozen milling around her.  First, the cock flew by.  Not seeing me he called and then Mama with her brood scampered out and just as quickly scattered when I started taking pictures.



  • What a neat shot! I recently saw what a baby blue jay looked like so I’ll add this to my baby bird memory collection :-). Seriously, what a nice moment you capture.

  • I have baby pigeons in the balcony next door to mine. I don’t know what they look like yet though.

  • Quail are so adorable. I love how they run behind mom in a perfect wake, like a string of beads or the tail of a kite.

  • Oh wow. Look at the baby quail’s baby mohawk. That is adorable.

  • If I had cropped the photo to just have the hen the shot would have been better but I loved the cute little guys.

  • I have always adored quail since I first saw them when I moved back to Calif in 1979. We used to get them in my backyard a lot, but no longer see them.

    I love their bobbing headdresses and the way they follow the leader.

  • Wow, what a great shot. What camera and lens did you use?


  • I love quail, too. They are so much like people I know. They move beneath the notice of “important” people but they are vital part of life. Unlike mountain lions and bears, they aren’t splendid and romantic but they are part of what I love about this place– with their little bustling bodies and worried looks, they remind me of the vast majority of decent people trying to do the best they can.

    I used a Nikon D60 with a 55-200mm.

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