Fires Cost us Deerly

The Fires cost us Deer-ly ?

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What is the effect on wildlife with the hundreds of fires raging in Northern California?



  • I just got home from five days of camping in the King Range. To my dismay, the workshop organizers kept all the food in a nylon tent. I was stunned that we had no visits from bears, racoons or even skunks all week. I wonder where they go until “the heat’s off”.

  • Kato, you missed the events of the decade here! Sounds blissful!

  • BTW the Possibly related posts smoke smoke everywhere has a great satellite capture from NASA that while somewhat dated is great.

  • Gramps the Grump

    I think the deer suffer from the drought. In drought years they get a disease called blue tongue which is often fatal. The satellite tonight showed thunderstorms near the Oregon border. Whew! However, there did seem to be some smaller storms to the east of us and they were moving west. Looking again,the small storms seem to have disappeared. I have a feeling that Mother Nature is pissed.

  • This year the climate change seems really obvious. I’ve never seen weather like this.

  • The sun was red this evening. Eerie. Just watched a show about Super Volcanoes – now I am scared

  • As I left your Mom’s, a deer crossed the road just between Ernie Totten’s old place and the Swinnock (? if I remember correctly) house at the curve. But probably not fire-related.

  • You really do take a special photo, Kym.

  • It feels like late August out there. Thankfully, no lightning last night. Twice, when I have been close to a deer, they have begun licking their nose as they watched me. Were they trying to catch my scent? Maybe they do it to improve their sense of smell.

  • Kato, your group was not only in violation of the bear can requirement, it was incredibly thoughtless. Bears in the King Range have become a growing concern because of clueless hikers in the backcountry who would rather ingore the requirement at the peril of the bears. Once a bear gets used to seeing hikers as a source of food (what they’ve brought, not themselves, yet) it becomes an acclimated, nuisance bear. Next step? Put it down. Those who think that bears are relocated are delusional; they are shot. Anybody who chooses not to carry bear cans, for whatever lame reason, is just hastening the bears’ demise. You were lucky. The bears? Not so much.

  • Great opportunity and shot. If only the deer had a camera too she could have snapped you!

  • forestdweller: I fully agree with you, I was a bit shocked by the cavalier attitude. The organizers in question were from the Bay Area; in the future, the event will be taken over more by locals.

    I’ve seen “socialized” bears, and it’s both sad and scary. My personal food was locked; I don’t even keep toothpaste in my tent!

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