A Blur of Rhododendrons

Native plants with a hothouse look

Daily Photo

Rhododendrons pour out such a mass of blossoms that it is easy to forget just how exquisite the individual flowers are.  My whole bush is overflowing with such a river of icy pink beauties that each flower disappears into a blur of color.



  • Absolutely stunning!!!!

  • These are all around my apartment complex and I have been wondering what they are. I did visit a Rhododendron garden last year but it was late in the year so they were not in bloom. Now I know! I love them.

  • Most of my rhodys are past their prime now, but I agree, they are splendiferous flowers. I love the color of this one, Kym.

  • Gorgeous, and the blue border really makes them pop. These folks have online classes in digital photography, photoshop, and other things, all through local community colleges. And they are relatively inexpensive, less than $100/class at my local community college. http://www.ed2go.com/

  • Beautiful! Gotta love that pink. My purple rhody just finished blooming. I was sad to see it go because I do love my rhodies.

  • Such a pretty color. I love the bunches of flowers together, thats why I love that type of flower. Its cool how, although the background and the foreground (besides the green) are all pretty much the same color, your eye is really drawn to the small section of flowers because of how out of focus the background is.

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