The Restorative Powers of My Salmon Creek Neighbors

Photo from the Ranch on Salmon Creek‘s blog site

With all the bad publicity Salmon Creek has been receiving, I think it is time to introduce you to some of my neighbors. At night, I can see only the tiny lights of two other dwellings–both on the same ranch. Across the canyon about 1 mile away or so is a beautiful older home. Tami and Mark Chapman live there. Their son lives in a cabin there, too.

Tami and Mark will tell you why they moved up here,

“We were originally flat land farmers who yearly made a pilgrimage with our family to this ranch. In 2003 our lives changed dramatically when a raging wild fire torched a large part of the ranch. We then realized just how much we cherished this land and so we just up and moved. We love living here.”

They’re ranchers raising cattle and cutting firewood for a living. Everyone who meets them, likes them. Already they have nestled into our community. They always donate to the school auction and invite the schoolkids up to see the ranch and the recovering fire land. I buy my firewood and my meat from them whenever possible. (The meat is fantastic!)

Their down home personalities coupled with their sincere belief in God that permeates their life in a kind, non-judgmental way makes them a joy to know. I remember Mark delivering a load of wood to my house last year. I had forgotten to move the truck. When I saw him coming, I hurried and jumped in our big truck and moved it next to my car—really, really, really close to my car–as in I left paint from the truck on the car. Did he laugh? No, instead he carefully helped me extricate the entangled cars and then sweetly apologized for somehow not giving me enough warning.

Tami crochets wonderful dishrags (she gave me one that I can’t bear to scrub dishes with and instead use on my face) that look like they come straight from Little House on the Prairie. In fact, there is a sweetness, a simple joy in life that comes across when you meet them that reminds you of Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie.

Yesterday, I discovered that they have their own blog. The pleasure they find in living on the land and with each other creates a cozy but straight forward style in writing that makes you want to drop by for a visit.

The subtitle of their site is “A Place of Restoration.” And, after the ugliness of the diesel spill and the unfounded accusations of bodies littering Salmon Creek, the peace and loveliness of their homestead restores my joy in this place I live.

Thanks Tami and Mark. We’re glad you moved into the neighborhood.

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  • And thanks for sharing the discovery of yet another redwood area blog worth visiting. I’ll look forward to seeing more. Thanks for all your visits, Kym. Those roses are spectacular.

  • Thanks, Elaine. I enjoy your photos too. I’m getting a lovely tour of Willits and surrounding areas.

  • Aunt Lucy makes those crocheted dishcloths, too, and I love them. They last forever!

    Sounds like Tami and Mark are great “neighbors” to you. Looking at their blog reminded me that today I saw a guy with a couple of mules near the Harley Davidson exit at the north end of Eureka. Felt like I had gone back in time!

  • Ok Kym, we are not THAT nice! But thanks for the compliments. I am waving at you right now. SEE 🙂

  • Aunt Jackie, mules in Eureka? Now that is a strange sight.

    Tami, Hi back and thanks for being such good neighbors.

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