Rose, Rose, Rose

Bee heaven

AKA a Rio Samba rose

Daily photo

No, I did not saturate this.  These are the actual colors.



  • I am not usually a fan of roses, but these are gorgeous!

  • OK, I think I am beginning to really envy your skill with a camera. Only one suggestion. When you frame a rose like this, use a complementary rather than a similar color, to really off-set the rose. I think a green frame would display the rose spectacularly.

    When you get a chance, some money, etc. please invest in Photoshop or at least Photoshop elements, and some classes in how to use it. You can get classes cheap online. And consider a career in photography. You have great talent.

  • Wow. Do they smell as good as they look?

  • Elizabeth, I have this urge to bite them they are so yummy!

    Silverstar, Sometimes I do use contrasting frames but sometimes I’m trying to capture the “bigness” of the flower–the emotional impact–and I do that by framing in the same color range. It works for me. But, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for next time.

    I would love to take some Photoshop classes. Hopefully, someday. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions.

    Sandi, These smell fabulous. Top ten rose smells ever!

  • Ok, if you won’t consider a coffee-table book, how about a full-color calendar? 😀

  • I think I detect a wee bit of family prejudice.

  • You should listen to the family – a calendar for 2009 with some of your great shots from this year would make the perfect Christmas gift and they’re super easy to get made from many on-line vendors. I’ll do one if you do one . . . our families will be happy and I’d trade ya! (ummm, calendars, not families . . :o)

  • Now that, Steve, is an offer I can’t refuse. Okay, I’ll do a calendar if you will trade me for one of yours..

  • Done! Just the little bit of added incentive I needed to do it this year . . . . don’t expect one until December, I am a famous procrastinator at times . . .

  • I thought that was the deal. We do the calendars in December, pawn them off on our family as gifts, and take the loot we would have spent on them and buy new lenses for our camera!

  • Yah, sorry folks but Steve made me do it.

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