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  • Your flower photos are always exceptional, before and after the new camera. Still no flowers to speak of out here on the island but Alaska Ship Supply brought in their annual shipment of bedding plants on Saturday so maybe soon. Until then, there is your blog – I like the short f stop that gave the narrow depth of field and the blurred background – are you shooting on automatic or trying some of the manual settings? Always a pleasure, cheers – steve

  • I’m mostly shooting on Auto but this one I played with. I’m looking forward to more of your eagle shots.

  • Great pic! I really love those colors.

    I was going through my photography books last night and I wanted to tell you about one that has some really good digital photo tips and tricks. It’s called “The Digital Photography Book” by Scott Kelby. I’ve learned a lot about photography as well as Photoshsop (which I know you’re not too much of a fan of – yet!!) from this author (he’s als the Editor- in-Chief of Photoshop User magazine).

  • Thanks Sandi. I’ll check it out.

  • You do have a magic touch with light, Kym. Your flowers are always enjoyable.

  • Thank you, Archie. I keep telling myself to photograph something else but right now the flowers are incredible and later there won’t be as many so I’ll save variety for when there are any blooms.

  • I have that Digital Photography book mentioned above and love it.

    Gorgeous photo! I love the pinks and yellows (never saw that flower before) and how it seems to be set apart from everything.

  • It is a Hen and Chick variant growing in a large pot set on a rock so it is “apart” from everything around it. I caught the colors nearly exactly except there is a hint of tangerine to the pink area that doesn’t show up as well as I would like.

    Now I really have to get the book.

  • Ohhhh…my hen and chicks are blooming too, but there are too many dead chicken necks that didn’t get plucked last fall (puns intended) so mine isn’t as purdy as yours.

  • That is really pretty.

  • I usually clear off the dead stalks in early spring (before the Easter party). Then the new ones looks so pristine.

    Thanks both of you.

  • I feed purslane phytoplankton(inland deposit) to turn it purple.i feed phrinasoma(5″) 20 big dangerous ants,full of same,and she laid 36 eggs 12 more than normal.was the plankton,not the ketamin.vergin birth,like Komodo dragon did in zoo(jail).

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