Salmon Creek Kids Flower at Weott Garden Show

Class Photo with Plants

Daily Photo

Salmon Creek kids harvested a wheelbarrow of prizes at the annual Weott Garden show. With beautiful plants and pots donated by Tommy Harwood, the new owner of Redway Feed and soil donated by Sylvandale, each child planted their own mini garden. Then, with flowers donated from community members’ gardens, the children made bouquets.

To see Photos by Shana Archibald of the individual kids and their entries click below the fold.

Ursula won Queen of the Show.

James won best potted plant in 3,4&5 grades.

Althea won Best Bouquet 3,4&5 grades.

Jonathan won Best Bouquet, Best Iris & Most Points

Cooper won best miniature garden for his age group.

Malachi won best potted plant for pre-K

Maddy won first place for her bouquet in 3,4&5 grades.

Kaliana won best miniature garden for her age group

Presley, not pictured, won best potted plant for her age group.

Emmy, not pictured, won a second and two thirds for her entries.

Ella, not pictured, got a first for one of her bouquets.



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