Hacker Creek Diesel Spill Property for Sale

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Two different neighbors of the Hacker Creek diesel spill site have confirmed that the owner has listed the property (unconfirmed 60-80 acres) for over $500,000. I have been unable to reach George Rolf of Country Real Estate but he is the presumed realtor.

Note: the spill site is a little less than a tenth of a mile downhill from the house.



  • Wow that could make for a pretty exciting “failure to disclose” court case.

  • Actually, by the time they’re through cleaning it, the piece should be in pretty good shape from what the contractor says. I’d love to buy it. What do you say Fred? Want to loan me $500,000?

  • Pretty good shape compared to what? A spill zone, or a pristine never had a spill zone?

    No matter how hard they clean that property, it is never going to be virgin earth again and that stuff has nasty hydrocarbon chains that will be in the soil and water a very long time. If you would like to buy the land to increase property and privacy that is one thing but I would not necessarily want to build a house or raise children on it. Or eat anything that came out of that soil.

  • Max makes a good point. Nobody will go in the swimming holes downstream from the Blue Slide spill that happened five years ago. Try keeping a dog from going to the water. And remember the buyer pays for the cleanup so that’s another couple hundred K added to the price.

  • I don’t think the buyer is paying. I think the owner is selling in order to pay for the cleanup. But, it will never (or at least not for a long time) be the same beautiful place it was. That is incredibly sad.

  • Kym: Thank you so much for being our local woman-on-the-scene. Your blog has been the best source for detailed and accurate information about this tragedy. I’m not sure which thread is most appropriate for this post, but I’ve been reading about a petroleum cleanup system called “mycoremediation”. Apparently, many species of mushrooms are extremely effective at bioaccumulating (taking up into their own tissues) exactly the kinds of toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are being removed manually from the soil around Hacker Creek. Paul Stamets, who wrote “Mycelium Running”, pioneered the effort to clean up that spill in the bay this year using oyster mushrooms innoculated in mats of woven hair. Human and pet hair, recycled from salons, is excellent at absorbing oil but not water, and it’s a perfect growing medium for mushroom spores. The best part of the process is that many of the toxic elements that are taken up in the body of the shrooms can be recycled… I wonder if Mr. Crook (the cleanup guy, not the spiller) has heard of this method or would be interested in looking into it? If not, perhaps a future landowner might want to research it.

  • In my research about diesel, I’ve come across a couple references to these “mushrooms.” I’m enchanted by the romance of mushrooms magically absorbing our pollutants. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

  • Paul Stametz is the main guy working on bioremediation. I believe he uses oyster mushrooms for diesel. The difference might be that the dirt would not have to be removed but rather piled and inoculated with the spawn then covered until it is done. I’m sure the cleanup guys have heard about it. Stametz was recently in Mendocino County doing workshops.

  • If I get a chance, I’ll ask Jim Crook what he thinks about the process.

  • How many acres is the parcel?

    How long of a drive is it from 101?

    Thank you, Kym!

  • Carol, I haven’t been able to pin down the number of acres. 60 -80 seems to be the consensus. Drive times vary on whether you’ve lived on curvy roads your whole life but 30-40 minutes is my best estimate.

    If any one is serious about buying, I believe George Rolf at Country Real Estate is carrying the listing but he has not confirmed it.

  • The owner may be trying to sell in order to avoid paying government fines. Unfortunately for them, the proceeds from the sale can be subject to forfeiture under the law. It’s called “Fraudulent transfers and conveyances”.

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