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Turnabout’s Fair Play

Daily photo

Look Closely. Leland, on the right, had been pointing the gun at Jac. One subtle move later, as I took the photo, Leland is about to be shot by Jac.

Between the kid’s class I help teach and the Black Belt class I take, is this Split Second Survival. Developed By Master Wick from Alaska but taught by local Martial artists Leland Solomon and Jac Hargrave, these classes teach street smarts and fluid motion. I don’t want to give up my writing group that I squeeze in during this time but, I always walk away reluctantly. I would love to do what they do.

Interested in learning to disarm an opponent and defending against multiple attackers? You don’t have to have any prior martial arts’ experience.

Mondays and Thursdays 5-6. You can contact Jac at 223-2322 and Leland at 498-3546. I keep trying to figure out a way to fit this in, too.



  • I’ve always been really impressed by stuff like this…but I’d rather avoid situations where I’m facing armed opponents and multiple attackers all together.

    Of course, if being stalked by an ugly mob with redcurrants, I’d simply release the tiger.

  • Dan, I never thought I could do martial arts (and I’m still no Buffy) but, it feels good to be more “in” my body.

    Look around your area. You’ll probably find a martial art that works for you.

    Aren’t you in New York? I know Master Wick (BTW, He is the World Tang Soo Do Master of the year this year) taught seminars back there. Maybe there is a Split Second Survival class.

    I know he sells videos and CD’s. If you go to where I linked there is a small online video. You can get an idea if you are really interested in his style (I’ve been in two seminars taught by him and loved them.)

  • There sure are no shortage of places around here to check out…and not just those “fast fu” franchise places, either.

  • This is interesting, Kym. I do also have to tell you that I was very excited because of your tiny little typo – a Split Second Survival class taught by some marital artists would be really helpful for me.

  • Ah, Split Second Marital Solutions, I see a new business opportunity for you. (thanks for the catch, I fixed it.)

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