Cleanup on Hacker Creek Begins

Ridge between Salmon Creek and Briceland

Cleanup of the diesel spill in Hacker Creek, tributary of Salmon Creek, continues today. The damage apparently occurred from a fuel tank for an indoor marijuana grow. Jim Crook, owner and operator of the local North Coast Environmental Construction is on site this morning surveying the damage and beginning the task of removing fuel from the waterway and soil.

This company worked on the Freshwater Creek 120 gallon diesel spill late last fall. On November 28th, a fuel truck fell into that waterway. The North Coast Environmental Construction, Inc. responded with an array of “oil absorbent booms, pads, and other materials.” This time though the damage also occurred on land and will require other specialized tools. Clearing that relatively small spill took two weeks. Probably Hacker Creek will require more time.

The company is located on Humboldt Hill in Eureka and has worked on at least one other governmental cleanup project– asbestos removal at City Hall in Eureka.

Link to first post on the spill with map and information.

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