Clif Clendenen


Cliff Clendenen

Candidate for Supervisor 2nd District

Last night, I attended an open house at Barbara Truitt’s for Clendenen. I liked him. I was impressed by his responses when I asked questions on specific points but, I still have deep feelings of admiration for Estelle Fennel’s service to our community during the Canoe fires and want to have a chance to attend her meets or, at least study her positions before I make a final decision. But this post is about something else.

While I was speaking to Clendenen, a beautiful woman with a fabulous white smile approached. She began speaking enthusiastically to him about what a wonderful candidate she thought he was. Then she said animatedly, “Story, story, story. You need to tell stories. I know what a great guy you are but you don’t have any charisma. . .”

Perhaps it was my imagination, but, I don’t think it coincidence that Clendenen chose that moment to grope behind him for a chair and clench it tightly. . .



  • Hi Kym,
    Having listened to the debates, I didn’t hear big deal-breaker differences between Clif and Estelle in their positions, but I believe that Clif is much better suited to the job of supervisor. Still, while I’d love for Clif to win in June to avoid having to campaign in the fall, to me the most important thing is to get out the vote for Clif OR Estelle June 3 to keep from handing Schwarzenegger the power to appoint a pro-development, pro-extractive industry supervisor through December, 2010.

  • Good point, Barb. Maybe we should all do like Tommy at Redway Feed– Put up both signs and say, “Just Vote.”

  • I’m surprised Redway Feed doesn’t have Rodoni signs up as well.

  • And I’m surprised that you, Eric, are suggesting that Roger’s surrogate is not likely to be quite different from Estelle and Clif, who seem to hold fairly similar views on a lot of issues. The owners of Redway Feed had not made up their minds between Estelle and Clif last I knew, but they were certain that they didn’t want Rodoni. I heard a suggestion for another sign that might have worked for them — Rodoni with the international “NO” slash through it.

  • Oh, I think she’s likely to be quite different. But is Redway Feed voicing an opinion, or simply providing a space for signs? He may have made up his mind, but simply feels that it’s not up to him to tell people how to vote, and maybe sees his business as a public place accessible to all.

    I wouldn’t hold that against him.

  • Does being a musician committed to providing a public venue for live music in Fortuna through the Monday Club make Clif more of a story? He is a solid down to earth farmer and businessman who pays taxes on his income. He is also fun, as I learned while working with him on the Paddle to the Headwaters Canoe Marathon. He respects everyone and treats them with dignity. His foundation in the local community is based on time served as a volunteer, as a willing listener, and as an outspoken advocate for sustained planned growth that keeps local values intact.

  • He came across as a decent hardworking guy. I liked him–in spite of him having no charisma ;>

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