The Secret is Joy


Drawing with Poppy

Daily photo #25

I have posted about his work before. Just recently, Mike sketched two new portraits for me. I plan to get them framed but I was so drawn to this one that I began playing around with light and a poppy. I’m happy with the rich glow cast on the paper by the petals and the way the lines keep pulling the viewer into her sweet mouth and the quiet joy in her eyes.



  • I love this drawing, and Mike’s other work. I often share Mike’s disdain for the contemporary art world. I usually find if a critic pans it, I will like it. I envy people who can do representational art.

    The only thing I wish in this picture is that the poppy was an oranger color to provide more contrast with the paper.

  • which one of your children is this?

  • Alas I have no daughters, so this beautiful little girl isn’t mine. Mike, knows I love kids and just chose a picture to sketch for me.

    I did try an orange poppy but I liked the subtler sunlight effect of this. (besides the shots I did with the other were all just a little off in angle or line or focus.)

  • Gosh I thought this was a sketch of Donna! He has a wonderful talent, and the poppy does cast a nice reflection on the paper.

  • I actually noticed the resemblance too!

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